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Internal links

Internal Links Internal links

It links from inside your / your forum / blog that links to each page,
It is important because it turned spiders from page to page and thus increase the number of pages and increase the archived results of that have to be to make your site a network of internal links so that if a spider came out, but you do not have visited most of the pages / articles you have
Tent Ahamra
The workshop:
How do you make the best use of internal links?

• In Home Place links to important pages / articles you have provided the links are permanent links do not change with a new essay for example, as an addendum months, articles or other articles
• Then put the links to the pages / articles-like pages of the task (the task within the page)
• ensure that the spiders to enter more than once to the pages / articles important and therefore ensure archiving and occupation, but the results of an advanced search engine Google and more importantly, it will work on the rest of the ***** articles / similar sites that we add to it

• Log in to your site and visitors do not like the site and select the most important page put permanent links in the main page, look in the forums looked forward to visiting your articles and see which one is the most important and the main display, and in the main forum page Add links to the most important sections and topics

We come to a very important point! The text of internal links
Each visit is by internal links are recorded in Google, whether they are spiders or visitors, but how he scores?
Imagine you put a link to the most important article you have in your blog page under the headline (the most important article enter and Shoof) will go down in this article under the title of the most important article and thus will enter the competition keywords (the most important - an article - Log - Shoof)

Of course you do not want those words if your article is talking about: the Sioux and improve search results, so choose a good text of internal links

With frequent visits from the spiders and visitors will gain a lot of votes to these words and therefore I have Cetksabha Google and you visit these articles or those pages via internal links to increase the number of votes whenever you get the opportunity

It is very important since some of them will strengthen Similar pages linked to internal links and you will find that the number of visitors runs the transfers and you will find a marked increase in length of stay of visitors on your site so your link each group pages / articles / sections are similar to each other

Especially for bloggers!

When you write an article there are some words or ideas and that articles written about it already, why not refer to it again?
Example: The rules of e-marketing is a foundation that will not fit any building without it, therefore, any attempt to order to increase the number of pages archived without getting to know the rules of e-marketing will not work Aleem Mohammed

Note the amount of internal links in the previous example and most importantly the text of links and most importantly they are similar

Followed your links internal archived through (I have a Webmaster Tools Google) as follows:

1. Go to Webmaster Tools
2. Click on the location where you want
3. From the menu on the left choose your website and internal links

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