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"Zodiac" killer who Atharalehirh and uncertainty in the United States of America

In 1969 became the state (San Francisco) is a state of terror first in the United States of America!!Despite the proliferation of murderers and thugs everywhere there - perhaps more than the victims themselves - the Master (Zodiac) was able to make a clear imprint in this area .. And to immortalize his name in the history books ..But the ugliest pictures ..

The first victim .. "Cherie Jo Bates"

The real start was three years earlier .. With a beautiful young woman at the age of 18 years only ..The "Cherry Joe Pitts" hopes to return to her home quickly, you can summarize the books borrowed from the library at once, so I was disappointed when a big car that refused to issue any evidence of life .. Unfortunately, the error occurred in the famous - and who was the last mistakes - I have accepted to help a stranger at night, is far from her home .."But he seems calm and peaceful," so she said to herself when offered her help in repairing the car, and then when offered her delivery to her house .. Certainly was quiet and peaceful in its consideration - perhaps even attractive!! - But they did not know it was crazy ..Are only a few days until her body was found, although getting used to the police on the landscape of dead bodies, most of them could not stop the bout by Ajtaanhm nausea when they saw the "Joe Sherry Bates" .. Or what is left of them!! ..

After a whole month to find her body torn apart by more than a dozen stab wounds - mostly in the neck area - to the local police arrived a letter written by hand, contains a detailed explanation of how the killer do his crime, and the enjoyment of every moment in it!! ..And everyone's surprise hit of this strange courage, and also because of the signature that is a combination of a character (Z) and number (2) ..At the end of the speech a few words the face of the killer is still stuck in the minds of each of the read or heard:"It was pretty small, but it is now dead .. it will not be the last, and while reciting these words, I will be thinking about the next victim, which would be a fate far worse!! .. So please do not make it easy .. warned everyone of me, and Spread the discourse on the public to appreciate what they will face .. I am not sick, but I'm mad!! .. so you should believe every word tell them ...".

Of course, no one thought to publish this letter terrible fear of the spread of panic and disgust among the people (San Francisco), but the newspapers published a few days later with severe condemnation of what it was ..He sent a copy to all the killer local newspapers with "Please publish a special "!!..House and very controversial in the state on Mr (Z) - and shot him in the beginning - but that did not last for more than a few days after everyone's forgotten everything, and began the usual calm hangs in the air again ..But it seems that (Z) not only what had happened; was sent a letter to the girl's parents after 6 months, were not the only few words:

"I died" Cherry "because it was a must die, and there will be others !!..".

"David Arthur" and "Betty Lou"

At ten pm on 20/12/1968 AD - after more than two years - and in Aellouktalve was a "David Arthur" and "Betty Lou" were preparing to leave their car, approached them unknown and called on them more than 7 bullets penetrated all of their bodies and led to their deaths on the immediately .. Xrah and reading events in the previous lines, it was that heinous crime ..When I arrived in police cars, ambulances and everything was over, there is no longer any trace of the killer, and everyone rubbing their eyes in preparation for the hard work to reveal his identity ..

But (Z) are not satisfied with that effort!! .. Where police received (San Francisco) the next day phone call from an unknown person told them where he is responsible for the incident and that he hoped they have not forgotten, because he will not forgive them this neglect at all, and then concluded his speech by saying: "See you again soon .. Takeprecautions with you .. was Mr (Z) "..He knew some of those who lived through the first case, that old friend has returned to appear in the same way provocative ..

Before we come to grips with what happened, call them again the next day and was telling them all the details of the latter crime, and that was when told by one of the investigators that he does not believe being an actor, and he may have seen the crime and wanted to be a renowned media silence (Z) a bit, then thanked investigator on this information, and promised to correct the error this time, and in the times that followed, and ended telephone conversation suddenly!! ..The patch, which meant (Z) in a very sadistic, he returned to call my father, "Betty Lou" ..Listen and parents across the full twenty minutes to the smallest details of the incident she tells them calmly terrible, even the victim's mother did not survive, and suffered a heart attack, the impact was transferred to intensive care ..This was the best reply of Mr (Z) to challenge the investigator him!! ..Everyone chuckled from those events, and began to work in full swing to catch this person, but all their efforts were blocked at the point stands, without any real information to help them in the search .. This lasted several months, when the crime occurred and the third ..

"Darlene Elizabeth" and "Michael Reno"

This was the evening of 5/7/1969 PM - in sparkle and maturity - when I got a phone message to the police in Panchkula, the "crime of one of the two remote parking lots"; where they found the body of each of the "Darlene Elizabeth" and "Michael Reno", has been hitting both more than a dozen bullets, also mostly in the neck area.Did not forget that the killer leaves distinctive signature on the car so as not to offset a "ridiculous charges not credible," once again ..

It was a shock for all violent after he thought he had stopped for one reason or another, but they did not know that in 69 he was in his will be more prosperous and glamorous ..Only later ..As expected the contact (Z) the next day to tell them in detail, and of course they had learned their lesson, and this time they were ready to track the call, but arrived at a place that made him call them angry and stray!! .. This was from a payphone a few meters away from the headquarters of the police!! ..And simply reached the newspapers the next day, letters from Mr (Z) announces that it has all of the past incidents, with an apology to the families of the victims because it "did what he should do" .. And at the same time when the letter to the police contains a table of some letters in English, with equivalents of the strange forms of what appeared to be part of the code!! .. And tell them (Z) at the end of the speech that likes to Alasmalve Inadoh by the end of the speech is written in this code ..

Seems that Mr (Z) - which has become months of a fire on the flag at that time - have the potential of really good, since that code has defied everyone and defied solution on the whole, despite intensive efforts, but has not been resolved only after a phone call a new killer, a for a new crime ..The surprise!! ..
The Master (Z) may make a special knife for his crimes to optimize, and to be its spokesman ..

"Brian Calvin" and "Cecilia Ann"

In the first statement of this knife - which investigators did not find him at all, but they were able to visualize him through the forms of wounds on the victims - 02/27/1969 in CE, the (Z) intercepted by two of the visitors (San Francisco) and two "Brian Calvin" and"Cecilia Ann" in one way far from the construction - as usual - and stole their money and their car, where he was needed "to travel to (Mexico) on the spot," but before he left, did not forget to leave the tenth stab wounds in the body of the girl, and seven others in thethe body of the boy, and left quickly before the police arrived at the call of it!! ..But wait .. They are not the bodies!! .. They are striving to capture the breathtaking ..Was immediately transferred to hospital, where doctors everything they can to save what can be saved, but that "Cecilia" did not tolerate what was hit by the stab wounds and died after arrival at the hospital two hours, while able to "Brian" to resist death, and is now closer national treasure to be preserved ..Without going into boring details of their investigation we can say that the benefit of "Brian" was limited to some extent, it is clear that he has been subjected to psychological pressure and severe nervous, made him unable to benefit the police the way that they Aomlunha .. Indeed, the new connection from Mr (Z) gave them more valuable information on how the accident ..

It also gave them the key to solving the code, he announced his disappointment in their inability to solve "the children's game" that!! .. It is also not forgotten at the end of the call to wish for healing for "Brian," and ask everyone to be treated calmly and deliberately, because they "do not know how much they went through the positions of the difficult and painful !!"..Now - after increasing the number of victims reached the police to the name you requested that Inadoh it ..

Kramer said, "Zodiac "!!.. Obaid death!
It seems that Mr. "Zodiac" had suffered a sudden heart of activity - bloody - in 69; which did not take more than a month until his crime was new, and the victim - for the first time - a man alone is "Paul Stein," .. That his death was a surprise .. Strong because its structure was able to defend himself well, but the lunges scattered all over his body indicated that Mr. "Zodiac" could Mbaghtth and overcome in moments ..

In a strange scene everyone sat at the police station in place instead of searching and drilling expected to wait for a call that tells them all the details!! ..But it did not come in that day, and instead arrived the next day's speech contains everything, but Mr. "Zodiac," added a small thing .. Added a small piece of the shirt, "Powell" dipped in the blood of the dead ..

The warning from Mr "Zodiac" that will continue if not publish this letter to the public!! ..And the dissemination of the speech in the press, causing a massive bout of panic among the citizens, especially with the newspapers to receive details of past crimes of the Master, "Zodiac", with items of clothing stained with blood, which he has accompanied them, and his insistence on the publication of those letters ..

Beast predator who kill the American dream!! .. Became the rule for all national newspapers in America, having rolled the messages and information from it, and in the end of each signature to the famous - who became the months of the tourist attractions - and now everyone is afraid to come out of his house after sunset, unless absolutely necessary, and each one doubts all around him .. Until it turned the city of "San Francisco" to the house of ghosts and horror ..With the approaching new year celebrations and the center of a small limited arrived in the new discourse, and who wrote it from the outside "urgent and dangerous to the inspector in charge of the issue of" Zodiac "killer" .. At home, the speech was simple, without any additions ..
"Dear Melvin .."Zodiac" Ihdzqm ..I hope you are enjoying the celebrations of the new year .. I think that it is not in the beauty of each year .. However, it is not too bad ..There is something I want to ask you to mark the new year, but say it is a gift from you!!.Please help me !!!..I can not stop because that thing inside me do not leave me never stop, but I find it very difficult to control myself and stop killing the victim in the ninth .. And perhaps also the tenth .. I am drowning .. But I think in the bombing of a school bus full this time, I do not know how to turn these ideas damned!! ..Please help me because I can not control myself more than that .. "

At the end of brilliance letter signed what they saw as the worst in that time ..

Increased the panic among everybody with all the expectations of random from which they were trying to find out where the next strike, and fear spread like wildfire .. And passed several months without hitting Mister "Zodiac" hit, but they know that among them everywhere, and it is only prepared!! ..Indeed could not, "Zodiac" to stop a long ..
"Kathleen Jones"

A young woman in the highway next to her car broken, refer to the car accelerated, perhaps the same one condescend .. Of course he should be there .. And of course had to stop them .. And of course had to resign his car ..But she added something small before that .. I brought her baby daughter from her car ..The driver sat in the car is silent, which leads to the nearest station to repair the car, where the young woman wanted to reach, and his appearance seemed somewhat scary as he stared at the girl every now and then .. Then he started to doubt in the heart of alternative "Kathleen Jones," when passed more than a station without a stop at one, and when Tmaket herself and asked him why he did not stop replied, that "time is not yet "!!..Then hit a lot of the collapse and disintegration and she remembers all the terrible stories that everyone was warned each other of them, but as usual, she said to herself, "This only happens to others "!!.. But it is now realized and nerves break up "that happens to me .. and now" .. And sank, "Kathleen" in the seat more, which embraces her daughter does not know what will happen to her ..After an hour and a half of roaming, and stood in the car to the side of the road .. For several minutes, not one of them saying a word, while the meaning the child crying for some reason .. All of this led to an explosion, "Kathleen" .. Thus, I began to scream Bhustaria severe, then suddenly opened the door next door, and kidnapped her daughter and began at the speed of lightning to the forest on the side of the road, and for a moment amid her screams looked behind her and expects to see the monster a few steps of them, but it was still in the car without even pay attention to it, and after five minutes the car and lit lights went out, while I arrived, "Kathleen" to the nearest inhabited place, and .... And passed out ..At a time when the police force moving into place, the Master, "Zodiac" share friendly conversation with the inspector in charge of his case, and said: "Since the little I had a woman and her baby daughter .. do not be afraid, not Oguetlhma!! .. I have stopped me crying girl .. but you should be more careful, do not let things go as simple as that next time, if that does not make the events fun at all !!.."

Was briefed, "Kathleen" private army of guards and detectives to protect it from any attempt to kill .. And also protect it from the press .. He said everyone that the month of March 1970 will see the final chapter of the tragedy of "Zodiac" .. But what happened was enough for everyone loses their minds completely!! .. Did not try to be one of the Master, "Zodiac" to kill or kidnap the woman who is now learning its shape and its description, and can be placed behind bars ..At the same time there were not any little benefit from that witness .. As the descriptions reported by "Kathleen" was unstable, and not enough!! .. But that her statements during the investigation about the timing and conflicting descriptions of the driver more than once, even the police has become an illustration of three different from each other, very different!! Making reliance on testimony in court - or even to find the accused - a form of madness!! .. It seemed as if the "Zodiac" by the rhythm can not be never!! ..

It was the power of the psychological war waged by the "Zodiac" on the victims can be stronger than any one imagine that!! .. If this is the case for the psychological and mental, "Kathleen" untouched by the "Zodiac" at all, we may imagine the psychological state it was in the rest of the victims .. It was a fear that the game is fluent Mister "Zodiac" ..But "Zodiac" did not leave the police enjoy enough time to arrange the papers and ideas .. After one month, committed last incidents recorded in his name in the records of the FBI, when it shot the officer, "Richard Radinak" when he tried to free him for a traffic violation!! ..So now collected eight dead, and two Nvsian Makdtan .. The state of terror in the black, which covered the city of "San Francisco" Kgiyum cursed it did not seem ready to leave!! .. And everyone is tired of that game, which has become for them like a terrible nightmare can not stop ..But the nightmare stops!! ..
So suddenly .. In April 1970, Kramer was the last crime, "Zodiac" with the traffic officer ..For many months, everyone was waiting for the next victim that never came .. But the messages "Zodiac" to the police and local newspapers did not stop until 1978, when was the last time he had heard nothing about a .. The letters discuss some issues of the society, or even the last film ..

So that in 1974, sent a letter to newspapers saying that the movie Exorcist "Exorcist" - is one of the finest horror movies in history - is a "comedy comic "!!..

The question that entices the minds of all read these words now, of course, is whether the arrest of Mr "Zodiac "?!..
Indeed, while there are many descriptions of him .. But there are several hallmarks of suspected his own .. However, it has not been arrested so far!! .. Yes, for more than 35 years touring the Master, "Zodiac," the streets with us, without knowing that it was a day the cause of terror in the first "American" ..Although the police had arrested several suspects over the past thirty years - but the FBI has arrested a person suspected for several months that it is the Master, "Zodiac" - it is clear that he had mastered disappearance, and stay away from the eyes of the police ..Especially as it is contrary to all the serial killers who have been defined history did not follow any rule in the selection of his victims, making its next steps is expected to read like a cup or astrology!! ..
Today is not Mr. "Zodiac" more than a bad memory for all who lived in that period, while transformed into a scientific, literary and popular especially among young people new, especially those living in the "San Francisco" .. Have appeared hundreds of books and analysis dealing with psychological and work of this killer, which has not been without some impressive abilities, and its psychological impact, which was positioned - as he said a book - to become one of the most prominent world leaders influential in humans if it governs a country like the United States of America, is which is not available to him unfortunately!!!

It remains to be know one thing ..Why did Mr. "Zodiac," all of this?! ..
It was not motivated violence to violence, or just to satisfy the lust of overwhelming or even theft, but Mr. "Zodiac," explains his motives "logical" in a speech to the police, he said: "I like killing people because it is something fun!! .. But It's more fun than hunting wild animals in the forest .. Man is the more animals on the face of the earth gravity and ferocity, and contains many of the things that Tzidny experience in life!! ..
But the best thing is when I die and born again in the spiritual paradise, all of those killed will become my slaves .. So I will not tell you my name or my identity to you would try to stop me from continuing in the composition of that group of slaves ..
Mr Obaid, "Zodiac" .. "

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